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Kranlyft Group serves as the primary distributor for Maeda mini cranes in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In Great Britain, Ireland and Sweden, Kranlyft also acts as an authorized dealer of Klaas aluminum truck and trailer cranes. In addition, the company provides extensive support to Kato mobile crane users through a spare parts and service network. Starting in October 2023, Kranlyft UK has also taken on the role of representing Terex self-erecting tower cranes in the UK and Ireland. As of March 2024 we represent Valla on the swedish market.

Our history

Kranlyft Group – Your experienced partner

The Kranlyft Group has always tried to be one step ahead of its competition within the lifting industry ever since the company was founded in 1963. This has been achieved through our never-ending curiosity in new, smarter and more cost-efficient solutions.

Our first major breakthrough was when we introduced Kato hydraulic mobile cranes to the European market in 1969. We soon achieved market leadership with Kato in many European countries. This success was followed up with the introduction of aerial work platforms in the mid 1970’s through representing leading American manufacturers as well as our own production line in Ireland.

After many years of success with these products we shifted our focus to Mini Cranes from Japanese manufacturer Maeda Seisakusho Ltd., Co. in 1999. The introduction of this new way of thinking took time to grow in popularity, but being true to our original core values with smarter and more cost-efficient solutions, the Maeda Mini Cranes have gradually grown to be a great success. During the last few years a large number of new manufacturers and competitors have emerged in the Mini Crane market trying to replicate this achievement.

The Mini Cranes from Maeda have added sustainability to our core values and we have maintained market leadership through class leading quality and the highest standards of service. We now represent Mini Cranes in all markets in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa through our own companies or external distributors.

Broadening the range for our customers

In 2017 we introduced light weight, long reach mobile cranes from Germany into the British market with immediate success as these cranes met a growing demand for this type of crane. Following this success we are now introducing machines from Klaas GmbH in Germany into the Swedish and Danish markets, still true to our core values.

Since April 2016 the Kranlyft Group, consisting of AB Kranlyft and AB Mölnlycke Bilfjäderservice, situated in Mölnlycke outside Gothenburg, Sweden together with Kranlyft UK Ltd. in Bristol, UK, are owned by Storskogen Utveckling AB which is an investment company in Stockholm focusing on long term ownership in companies with both strong market and financial positions.

Kranlyft Group are now well positioned for the future, especially as we now experience the growing importance of the sustainability factor that impacts decisions within our industry.

We are still curious about new technologies and very much look forward to the challenges we will meet within the lifting industry in the future.


Our products

Lift with confidence

The MC815 stands at the head of the Maeda range with a massive 8 ton capacity. With a 19.6m tipping height, new 10.4 inch multi function touchscreen monitor and the added bonus of 1000kg pick and carry capacity, this crane offers unrivalled versatility with great lifting duties. New to this model is joystick control, new Technos 2 radio telemetry system with joystick control, auto levelling, auto crane stow function, MSOS (Maeda Safety Operation System) and an EU stage 3B compliant engine to make it environmentally friendly.

Our newest models include the unique and innovative MK1033 knuckleboom crane. It is a narrow aisle, operator-controlled crane with the advantage of a hydraulic 6-section luffing boom and jib. This gives the crane a serious ‘up and over’ capacity, making it easier to perform many tasks such as glass handling and installation and placing Dormer and Velux units on rooftops.

Our Maeda Mini Crane range consists of 9 machines spanning lifting capacities from 0.995t to 8t. Slim enough to fit through a standard door, these mini cranes can get you into the tightest of places where other machinery simply cannot get access. With its unique 5 section boom and a super slim profile, from 590mm, these flexible cranes offer a range of power options including diesel/electric, petrol, petrol/LPG and pure diesel versions. Each crane delivers a capacity and reach equivalent to a much larger crane, and can be used for interior, exterior and underground locations.

Innovative lifting

Kranlyft Group in the 70’s

Kranlyft Group

AB Kranlyft located in Mölndal, Sweden


Kranlyft UK located in Bristol, United Kingdom

The sum of innovative lifting solutions

Proven lifting technology

Small and lightweight cranes are more safe than traditional lifting machines. Since the millenium the Kranlyft Group delivers smarter cranes to all kinds of lifting and rental companies. Still some companies lack the experience, let us know and we will make sure You know how and why your company can work even smarter.

Time and time again these innovative machines are proving their worth. From panelling and cladding, through the full spectrum of glass hangling to restoration projects, specialist lifting applications or in restricted areas on domestic and construction sites. Their compact dimensions and ability to manoeuvre mean that in many lift situations they replace the need for much larger cranes.

The smaller MC cranes get in to places you couldn’t have dreamt possible. Most are slender enough to fit through a standard doorway and house enough power to complete heavy lifts once in place. The larger LC models are still very compact yet boast much higher lifting capacities and heights while retaining excellent manoeuvrability and flexibility. Our newest addition alongside the Maeda family are the Klaas products, which range from long reach mobile cranes to light weight furniture lifting equipments.

New areas of use for these products are being found almost daily and in all applications end users are seeing both time and cost efficient benefits. Whatever your industry, our products will both meet and exceed your needs.

The innovative products we provide are also highly environmentally friendly as most models feature an electric option in combination with an energy saving system. For more information feel free to contact us.

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