Launching the fully electric Maeda MC285CB-3

August 19, 2020

Published by Kranlyft Group

Let us introduce you to the Maeda MC285CB-3 Mini Crane

It is here – and it is impressive to say the least. The very first fully electric powered mini crane from Maeda. With absolute zero emissions it can safely be used in sensitive indoor environments, and when regulations need to be achieved. Improved energy efficiency and productivity as well as reduced ventilation needs and maintenance costs are some of the benefits beyond the clear environmental aspect. With a lithium-ion battery, this crane can be operated continuously for over 9 hours, and be fully charged in only 3.5 hours. On top of that, continuous operation is possible while charging which facilitates use. The crane capacity and operating speeds have not been compromised since it equals the regular MC285C-3. The battery-operated MC285CB-3 has a maximum capacity of 2.82 ton x 1.4m. Maximum lifting height on the ground is 8.7m and the maximum working radius is 8.205m x 0.15t. All this is packed in this innovative piece of engineering that only weighs in at 2000kg. As always with products from Maeda Seisakusho Company Ltd. we can expect the highest quality and reliability together with great guarantees.

White rubber tracks come as standard with black rubber tracks as an option. Operating the crane is easy and intuitive with the reliable and ergonomic paddle lever remote control passed on from the regular MC285C-3. Further, the well-appreciated programmable moment limited has also been included to ensure safe and smart work.

Some of the key features of the new MC285CB-3 are as follows:

  • Zero emissions
  • Fully electric powered
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Minimal charging time
  • Low noise & improved working environment
  • Continuous operation while charging
  • Light weight
  • White rubber tracks as standard
Maeda MC285CB-3 Electric

Paddle Lever Wireless Remote Control and Programmable Moment Limiter as standard.

850kg Searcher Hook as option. Single Fall Hook also available as option.

Work smarter – the green way of lifting

The approach and the way of thinking when using mini cranes is quite different from traditional crane work. A mini crane can come close to the object that is being lifted and therefore replaces big cranes with long booms which by their size actually distance themselves from the load. Due to the low weight of the MC285CB-3, it can easily be placed higher in a building and from there lift from above instead of blocking space with a large crane lifting from the ground level. Having tried a Maeda crane, you know how very easy and safe they are to operate. Time and time again we can witness the versatility and vastness be demonstrated of the Maeda mini cranes alongside the direction of future lifting work. With this fully electric MC285CB-3 we can proudly be a part of building the future with zero emissions. The ever-evolving market is moving to a green way of lifting, and Maeda has now shown that they are playing a key role in the advancements.


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Maeda Mini Cranes are going strong in the United Kingdom

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Take Advantage Of The Super Deduction Capital Allowance

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AMC in UK has taken delivery of six Maeda MC285CB-3

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