Maeda MK1033 – Unique knuckle boom mini crane

October 16, 2020

Published by Kranlyft Group

Maeda’s unique knuckle boom mini crane

The model is unique in the Maeda range having a knuckle boom design and many of you already knows this crane first hand. It is a narrow aisle, operator-controlled crane with the advantage of a hydraulic 6-section luffing boom and jib. This gives the crane a serious “up & over” capacity, making it easier to perform many tasks such as glass handling and installation, lifting in narrow spaces and placing Dormers and Velux units on rooftops. The Maeda MK1033 is narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway yet boasts a lifting capacity of 0.995t and a lifting height of 11.3m.

  • 0.995 Ton Max Capacity
  • 11.3m Max Working Height
  • Super Slim Body Width (750mm)
  • HBC Radio Remote Control
  • Outrigger Interlock System
  • Low Ground Pressure
  • Manoeuvrability & Stability
  • New display and Moment Limiter
  • Multi Outrigger positions
  • Slew Restriction Device
  • Optional Self-detachable Electric Motor
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Tilt Alarm
  • Radio Remote Control System
  • Optional 820 kg Winch with
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Data Logger
  • 2 Year Warranty
Maeda MC285CB-3 Electric

Compact & powerful with a great reach

With a body width of only 750mm, this knuckle boom crane can travel through a standard single doorway. Outriggers can be set in multi positions, so stable work can be carried out even in narrow spaces or those with obstacles. The optional electric motor can be detached by the crane itself, so it is very useful when you want to shorten the machine length, such as when fitting in an elevator. Based on the mini crane body, the knuckle boom and fixed hook are adapted. The jib can move horizontally and vertically, so this machine is best suited for applications such as glazing, plant and factory work, and places with obstacles involved.

Tipping prevention system that saves the day

To prevent a tipping accident of the crane by overloading, the Moment Limiter System (Safe Load Indicator) is equipped as standard. When the lifting load exceeds the total rated load, an audible alarm is generated and automatically stops operation on the dangerous side. The moment limiter display uses a state-of-the-art monitor offering detailed information such as machine condition, data logger data and replacement time of consumption parts.

Interlock system to easy your handling

The Crane Interlock System enables the crane to work if outriggers are not grounded correctly. It detects outrigger rotatory position and grounding condition. The Outrigger Interlock System restricts activation of the outriggers if the boom is not stowed and outriggers are not rotated to set position. It detects boom slew and derrick position, and outrigger rotation position.

Interlock system to easy your handling

The crane tilt alarm is great when working on uneven grounds and tricky outdoor job sites. The alarm is issued in the event of the crane operating at over 3-degree inclination,
or over 15-degree inclination when travelling.

Easy operation and outrigger multi positioning

With this easy-to-use linear type controller, you can achieve smooth crane operation at a distance from the machine or just beside the load without looking at the controller. With safety secured under the control of the moment limiter system, this crane can work with outriggers set in multi positions. Outriggers can be set freely, so it can offer various works at places with limited working space such as inside a factory.


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