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Our history

The Kranlyft group is the master distributor for the innovative Maeda Mini Cranes, Klaas aluminium truck and trailer cranes and also supports Kato mobile crane users through an unrivalled parts and service network.


Our Maeda Mini Crane range consists of 9 machines spanning lifting capacities from 0.995t to 8t. Slim enough to fit through a standard door, these mini cranes can get you into the tightest of places where other machinery simply cannot get access. With its unique 5 section boom and a super slim profile, from 590mm, these flexible cranes offer a range of power options including diesel/electric, petrol, petrol/LPG and pure diesel versions. Each crane delivers a capacity and reach equivalent to a much larger crane, and can be used for interior, exterior and underground locations.

Our newest models include the unique MK1033 knuckleboom crane. It is a narrow aisle, operator-controlled crane with the advantage of a hydraulic 6-section luffing boom and jib. This gives the crane a serious ‘up and over’ capacity, making it easier to perform many tasks such as glass handling and installation and placing Dormer and Velux units on rooftops.