Aluminium Mobile Crane


Capacity: 2,000kg / 4,000kg


Max. hook height: 37.5m


Max. extension length: 39.0m


Machine weight: 7,500kg

Klaas K850 RS

Product overview

The K760 was created by further developing our popular K750 and is the new No. 1 Klaas mobile crane in the 7.5-tonne segment.

It is equipped with a double hydraulically telescopic folding jib, where the first two elements can be extended over a length of 5.00 to 11.65 m via the radio remote control. This makes the crane set-up and the application possibilities even more comfortable and versatile.

The K760 uses a high-quality, lightweight plastic hoisting rope. This has enabled the performance values to be increased once again and the lifting behaviour to be further improved. With a load of 250 kg, its reach is 32 m, and the all-rounder can lift material weighing up to 500 kg 23 m.


  • Hook load (stand./opt.) – 2.0 / 4.0t
  • Hook height – 37.5m
  • Total weight – ≥ 7.5t
  • Extension length – 39.00m
  • Outrigger width (min.) – 3.03m
  • Outrigger width (max.) – 5.29m
  • Winch pulling force – 2,000kg
  • Boom (2,000kg- 500kg) – 5.00 – 11.65m
  • Extension 3 (350kg) – 13.65m

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