Aluminium Mobile Crane


Capacity: 3,000kg / 5,000kg


Max. hook height: 38.4m


Max. extension length: 39.00m


Machine weight: 16,000kg

Klaas K900 RSX

Product overview

The K900 is impressive due to its hook height of over 38 m as well as due to its enormous strength. With a maximum load capacity of 5,000 kg, it can even reach work areas 6.50 m away and 8.20 m high. Equipped with a double hydraulic telescopic fly jib, the crane can also be set up where there is not much room – also when operating as a work platform.

The all-rounder is equipped with the Klaas comfort package as standard. In addition to the personal security mode and individual programming of the rotation angle, this also includes a memory function. This enables the K900 to recognise two target points and moves between these automatically and in a safe hold-to-run handling mode.


  • Hook load (stand./opt.) – 3.0 / 5.0t
  • Hook height – 38.4m
  • Total weight – ≥ 16t
  • Extension length – 39.0m
  • Support width (min.) – 3.04m
  • Support width (max.) – 5.48m
  • Winch pulling force – 3,000kg
  • Boom (3,000kg – 1,000kg) – 5.50 – 12.05m
  • Pull-out 3 (350kg) – 13.78m
Working area

Crane operation

Platform operation (HA 2/200)

Platform operation w/1 pull-out (HA 2/200)

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