Theo 20

Aluminium Work Platform


Working height: 20.0m


Range to the rear (100kg): 14.5m


Range to the side (100kg): 14.5m


Machine weight: 3,500kg

Theo 20 Work Platform

Product overview

Our Theo20 is the ‘little brother’ of the Theo25. Identical in terms of quality, operating convenience and functionality, it is the more cost-effective version with a working height of 20 m. Nevertheless this elevating work platform achieves with 100 kg basket payload the enormous range of 14.5 m to the rear and to the side. The work basket impresses with its high stability and is operated using an intelligent control system with memory function. It offers the ability to get in and out at the front and back.


  • Working height – 20.0m
  • Range to the rear (100 kg) – 14.5m
  • Range to the side (100 kg) – 14.5m
  • Basket capacity – 250kg
  • Total weight – 3.5t
  • Swivel range – Endlessly rotatable
  • Work basket angle of rotation – 180°
  • Large work basket – 1.40 x 0.70m
  • Outrigger width (min.) – 2.24m
  • Outrigger width (max., at the front) – 4.26m
  • Outrigger width (max., at the back) – 4.25 m
Work diagram

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