Theo 25

Aluminium Work Platform


Working height: 25.0m / 250kg


Range to the rear (100kg): 19.3m


Range to the side (100kg): 17.0m


Machine weight: 3,500kg

Klaas Work Platform

Product overview

The Klaas Theo 25 – named after the company founder, Theodor Klaas – with its working height of 25 m plus its enormous reaches to the rear and to the side, not only makes work easier for roofers, building cleaners and assembly firms. The platform can also be used efficiently in a variety of ways for facade engineering and horticultural purposes. Set up on a sturdy Nissan Cabstar, it meets the Euro 6 emissions standard and can thus be used without hesitation in the inner-city area. The ultra-modern CAN BUS control block works extremely sensitively and enables the user to precisely control the platform and reach even difficult to access work areas with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Working height – 25.0 m
  • Range to the rear (100 kg) – 19.3 m
  • Range to the side (100 kg) – 17.0 m
  • Basket capacity – 250 kg
  • Total weight – 3.5 t
  • Swivel range – endlessly rotatable
  • Work basket angle of rotation – 180 °
  • Support width (min.) – 2.24 m
  • Support width (max., at the front) – 4.26 m
  • Support width (max., at the back) – 4.25 m
Work diagram

Range to the rear

Range to the side

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