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Maeda MC305C


2.98t x 2.5m

Max lifting height:


Max working radius:  

12.16m x 0.26t

Machine weight:  

3,900kg (4,080kg with electric motor)

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  • Crane Capacity – 2.98t x 2.5m
  • Max. Working Radius – 12.16m x 0.26t
  • Max. Lifting Height – 12.52m
  • Max. Reach Below Ground – -16.09m (4 falls)
  • Outrigger Max. Extended Width – (Lateral) 4,888mm x (Front) 4,504mm x (Rear) 4,396mm
  • Travel Speed – 0-2.8km/h
  • Travel Ground Pressure (MC305CRM-2) – 36.3kpa [0.37kgf/cm2]
  • Travel Ground Pressure (MC305CRME-2) – 37.3kpa [0.38kgf/cm2]
  • Engine – YANMAR 3TNV76 / Diesel
  • Engine Rated Output – 15.2kw/2,500rpm
  • Electric Motor – 5.5kw, 4P 380V
  • Dimensions – 4,285mm (L) x 1,280mm (W) x 1,695mm (H)
  • Machine Weight – 3,900kg (4,080kg with electric motor)


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  • Dimensions


    Outriggers Position: Max

    Outriggers Position: Mid

    Outriggers Position: Min


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