CSE 32

Self Erecting Tower Crane


Max jib length: 32 m (105 ft)


Capacity at max length: 1.05 t (1.16 USt) - 1.15 t (1.27 USt) with TPP function


Max capacity: 4.4 t (4.85 USt)

Klaas K1003 RSX

Product overview

The new CSE 32 Self Erecting Tower Crane features a jib length of 32 m (105 ft) and a maximum capacity of 4.4 t (4.85 USt). The new crane design, motors and electronic control definitely improve performances and usability. The fully electronic control ensures an extremely precise setting and crane control and is equipped with new Terex Power Plus (TPP) and Terex Power Match functions.
Tip load is 1.05 t (1.16 USt) and 1.15 t (1.27 USt) with TPP function. The hook height can vary between 21.5 and 27 m (70.5-88.6 ft). Its swing radius is 2.25 m (7.38 ft).


  • Small residential
  • Residential & commercial

Load diagram


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