HV 26/6 KA

Aluminium Construction lift


Capacity: 200kg


Max. lifting height: 26.0m


Rail length: 6.5m


Machine weight: 1,350kg

Klaas Aluminium Construction Lift

Product overview

The Klaas HV 26/6 KA is a construction lift developed to perfection. This standard appliance for the construction sector transports materials up to 200 kg comfortably to a height of 26 m. The integrated 6.85 m folding rail can be separately extended hydraulically, thus adjusting ideally to the roof slope. Height-adjustable pneumatic wheels at the end of the rail provide a secure and gentle support for the lift and prevent damage to the roof membrane Thanks to an engine encapsulation, noise is significantly reduced, which is kind to workers and the environment.


  • Payload – 200kg
  • Rail length – 6.5m
  • Hoisting height – 26.0m
  • Eaves height – 21.0m
  • Total weight – 1.35t
  • Slide speed – 48.00m/min.
  • Vehicle dimensions – 7,700 x 1,750 x 2,200mm

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