K21-30 RS

Aluminium Mobile Crane


Capacity: 1,500kg


Max. hook height: 29.8m


Max. extension length: 30.7m


Machine weight: 3,500kg

Klaas K21-30 TSR

Product overview

Despite its low net weight of 3.5 t, the K21-30 RS is an efficient all-rounder. Its tremendously strong fly jib hinge enables loads of up to 1,500 kg to be picked up, whilst it can lift a weight of 250 kg laterally 21 m away. Due to the single-axle operation, the trailer scores highly with great manoeuvrability, optimal weight distribution and more ground clearance. With the help of the self-drive mechanism, the K21-30 TSR can manoeuvre easily on the building site. Thanks to a retractable drawbar, its overall length can be reduced to 7 m, meaning that the crane can also be easily set up in inner-city areas.


  • Hook load (stand./opt.) – 1,500 / – kg
  • Hook height – 29.8m
  • Total weight – ≥ 3.5t
  • Extension length – 30.70m
  • Outrigger width (min.) – 2.85m
  • Outrigger width (max.) – 5.04m
  • Winch pulling force – 1,500kg
  • Boom (1,500 kg) – 5.46m
  • Pull-out 1 (800 kg) – 9.12m
  • Vehicle dimensions – 9,24 x 2,28 x 2,59m
  • Towing capacity – 3.50t

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