K350 E

Aluminium Trailer Crane


Capacity: 1,600 kg


Max. hook height: 31.0 m


Max. extension length: 32.8m


Machine weight: 3,500 kg

Klaas K1003 RSX

Product overview

The K350 E is a trailer crane in the 3.5-tonne class with state-of-the-art equipment, high driving comfort and excellent performance values. Its maximum load is 1,600 kg, and its lateral reach with a load of 250 kg is an impressive 22 metres. Another plus point is its battery-powered electric motor, which allows it to be operated completely self-sufficiently and sustainably. A large lithium battery is used to store energy and can be charged at any conventional 230-volt socket. Charging can also be carried out while the crane is in operation, although this is not necessary due to a consumption-oriented setting and the strong battery power. The K350 E can easily be used for a whole working day without recharging.


  • Hook load (stand./opt.) – 1,6 t
  • Hook height – 31.0 m
  • Total weight – ≥ 3,5 t
  • Extension length – 32.80 m
  • Outrigger width (min.) – 3.60m
  • Outrigger width (max.) – 5.04 m
  • Winch capacity– 1,600 kg
  • Boom – 4,29 – 8,50 m
  • Extension 2 (500kg) – 10,70 m
Working area

Crane operation

Platform operation

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