Aluminium Furniture lift


Capacity: 400kg


Max. lifting height: 25.0 - 37.0m


Rail length: 4.5 - 5.0m


Machine weight: 3,500kg

Klaas Furniture lift

Product overview

The Klaas Roadrunners are set up on a transporter that comes below the 7.5 t limit. From compact and manoeuvrable through to lifts with a hoisting height of 37 m, various models are available. They all have one thing in common: high stability, a solid rail package and dual hydraulic cylinders ensure convenient and safe work.The Roadrunner is equipped as standard with a remote control unit for slide operations. This allows the furniture slide to be operated from above and below, which makes it easier to move to the optimal end position with pinpoint accuracy. Soft start-up and braking protects the removal goods being transported and increases safety.


TypRoadrunner 25/5Roadrunner 29/5Roadrunner 33/5Roadrunner 37/5,5
Payload400 kg400 kg400 kg400 kg
Rail length5.0 m5.0 m5.0 m5.5 m
Hoisting height25.0 m29.0 m33.0 m37.0 m
Total weight≥ 3.5 t≥ 3.5 t≥ 3.5 t≥ 3.5 t
Slide speed48.0 m/min.48.0 m/min.48.0 m/min.48.0 m/min.
Vehicle dimensions5,550 x 1,820 x 2,750 mm5,620 x 1,820 x 2,840 mm5,730 x 1,820 x 2,900 mmdependent on truck type
Truck load capacity3.50 t3.50 t3.50 t3.50 t

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