Toplight 21


Aluminium Furniture lift


Capacity: 200kg


Max. lifting height: 21.0m


Rail length: 5.0m


Machine weight: 750kg

Klaas Furniture lift

Product overview

This furniture lift is a lightweight at just 750 kg and a convenient alternative to a removal lift. It can be towed by almost any car, whereby the height-adjustable towing device on the headpiece offers full flexibility and optimal driving ergonomics. A balanced weight distribution enables the lift to be easily manoeuvred when uncoupled. The Toplight 21 reaches heights of up to 21 m and can be supplied with a choice of petrol or 230 V electric engine. A base extension of around 2 m, which can be lowered down to the ground, guarantees an optimal working height.


  • Payload – 200kg
  • Rail length – 5.0m
  • Hoisting height – 21.0m
  • Total weight – 0.75t
  • Honda engine slide speed – 48.0m/min.
  • Electric motor slide speed – 24 – 40m/min.
  • Vehicle dimensions – 6.200 x 1.380 x 2.185mm

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