Mini Crane


Capacity: 2.98t x 2.5m


Max lifting height: 12.52m


Max working radius: 12.16m x 0.26t


Machine weight: 3,900kg

Product overview

The MC305C-3 makes this popular model of mini cranes even more versatile. It is very poweful for its small stature. Up to 2.98 tons of lifting power from a machine only 1280mm wide. The Yanmar diesel engine meets requirements for the new gas emission standards of EU Stage V which is valid from 2019. The superior quality and engineering of the Maeda product line gives longevity of use and higher return on rental investments are enjoyed by end users across the board.

  • 2.98t Max Capacity
  • 12.52m Max Lifting Height
  • EU Stage V Compliant Engine
  • Digital Feedback Remote Control
  • Working Limit Settings
  • Data Logger
  • Tilt Alarm
  • Crane/Outrigger Interlock System
  • Programmable Moment Limiter
  • Powerful Two Speed Winch with Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • 4/2 Fall Hook Block
  • Optional Electric Motor
  • Optional 850kg / 1500kg Searcher Hook
  • Optional Single Fall Hook


  • Crane Capacity – 2.98t x 2.5m
  • Max. Working Radius – 12.16m x 0.26t
  • Max. Lifting Height – 12.52m
  • Max. Reach Below Ground – -16.09m (4 falls)
  • Outrigger Max. Extended Width – (Lateral) 4,888mm x (Front) 4,504mm x (Rear) 4,396mm
  • Travel Speed – 0-2.8km/h
  • Travel Ground Pressure (MC305CRM-3) – 0.37kgf/cm2
  • Travel Ground Pressure (MC305CWME-3) – 0.39kgf/cm2
  • Engine – YANMAR 3TNV80F-SNMB / Diesel
  • Engine Rated Output – 15.2kw/2,500rpm
  • Electric Motor – 5.5kw,3-phase 380V
  • Dimensions – 4,195mm (L) x 1,280mm (W) x 1,695mm (H)
  • Machine Weight – 3,900kg (4,080kg with electric motor)

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Examples of work


The popular Maeda cranes are used at various construction sites around the globe. In both public and private sectors, these machines are proven advantageous with their impeccable accessibility, flexibility and high capacity. Let us introduce you to a smarter way of lifting.

Glass Handling

With our innovative range, glazing works have become easier, safer and more efficient than ever. As always when handling glass, precision is as crucial as safety. Our products enable first-class glass handling. Feel free to contact us for more information.


For industrial applications, the Maeda mini cranes can be found everywhere. From maintenance of equipment and line replacements to material lifting and installations works. Their advantages of high reliability and durability outshine the competitors.


The sector of agriculture is growing each year and we have seen the use of mini cranes increasing. Mostly for stonework and maintenance but also for inspections and installations. Our products are appreciated for their ability to access extremely narrow passageways and keeping the damage to its surroundings to a minimal. Further they can easily work on the most uneven grounds and terrains.

Mining & drilling

Mining and drilling operations often have a high level of requirements with many specific needs that Maeda’s products are able to meet. The environments are demanding and the difference between the wrong and right equipment can be vital for the success of the operations. The majority of our mini cranes can easily be transported to remote locations and survive the harshest conditions.

Panel & roofing

Our smaller cranes can be transported to the upper floors of high rise buildings by the service elevators and then be used for installation works of outer walls such as panels and glass frames. This popular application for mini cranes creates shorter construction periods and cuts costs by avoiding the use of expensive tower cranes. Further we provide specific products for panel handling. A large number of our machines can be used to lift material for roof constructing as well as different kind of installations.

Aviation & Maritime

Many mini cranes in our range are used for maintenance and component replacement of airplanes, helicopters, oil rigs and vessels. Both outside in the field and inside facilities. Further we have many examples where our cranes have been transported by aircraft, helicopter, barge and boat to remote locations for maintenance work. We also see an increase in the use of our machines at shipyards and marine constructions.

Special projects

With more innovative solutions and techniques appearing all the time, our range of machines has found many interesting ways of use. From large-scale 3D modeling applications to special solutions in drilling and concrete work.

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