Aluminium Mobile Crane


Capacity: 4,500kg / 9,000kg


Max. hook height: 48.0 m


Max. extension length: 48.0m


Machine weight: 26,000kg

Klaas K1003 RSX

Product overview

The new K2300 is an incredibly powerful aluminium crane that offers exceptional performance. It boasts a hoisting winch with unparalleled strength, allowing for a lifting capacity of up to 4.5 tonnes. However, with the addition of a truck extension, it can effortlessly unload or move an impressive 9 tonnes. One of the standout features of the K2300 is its remarkable lateral reach, particularly in the weight range of up to 3,000 kg. This makes it the most robust aluminium crane currently available on the market. For instance, it can lift an impressive 3 tonnes while reaching out to a distance of 19 meters.

The extraordinary capabilities of the K2300 can be attributed to its exceptionally stable mast system and innovative support system. These advanced technologies contribute to its high-performance values and enable it to excel in various demanding tasks. Whether it is heavy lifting or extensive reaching, the Klaas K2300 guarantees optimal results due to its unmatched power and stability.

Furthermore, the K2300 is designed with durability in mind. Constructed using top-quality materials and engineered meticulously, it ensures long-lasting performance even under rigorous working conditions. This significantly reduces downtime and maintenance costs for businesses relying on this dependable equipment. In conclusion, the K2300 sets new standards in crane technology through its outstanding lifting capacities and impressive lateral reach capabilities. Thanks to its stability-enhancing features and robust construction, it has become a preferred choice for professionals seeking unparalleled performance in their operations.


  • Hook load (stand./opt.) – 4.5 /9.0 t
  • Hook height – 48.0 m
  • Total weight – ≥ 26 t
  • Extension length – 48.00 m
  • Support width (min.) – 3.04 m
  • Support width (max.) – 7.00 m
  • Winch pulling force – 4,500 kg
  • Boom – 5.75 – 12.47 m
  • Extension 3 + 4 (750kg) – 18.45 m
Working area

Crane operation

Platform operation

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